activation work

Abstract: The article deals with the problem of long-term unemployment of the Roma. In Roma settlements, the employment is often close to zero and according to estimates, not even 30% of Roma in the productive age are permanently employed.

Paul Lazarsfeld

Abstract: The article describes the four main studies dealing with the concept of opinion leadership: the studies People’s Choice, Rovere, Decatur and Elmira. Out of these four, three were authored or co-authored by Paul Lazarsfeld.


Abstract: The requirement of availability of contraception and voluntary sterilization to marginalized and disadvantaged groups follows from the National Program of Care for Women, Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health. This article tries to answer two questions related to it:

Skladačka z dreva

Abstract: Three radical worldviews and research approaches are salient in social studies: individualism, holism, and systemism. Individualism focuses on the composition of social systems, whereas holism focuses on their structure. Neither of them is adequate, one because all individuals are interrelated and two because there are no relations without relata. The only cogent and viable alternative is systemism, according to which everything is either a system or a component of a system, and every system has peculiar (emergent) properties that its components lack.


Abstract: The article deals with the concept of official history. It lists some examples of official history from current Slovak and Czech law, suggests a classification of official history and briefly discusses theoretical questions related to official history.

brain and intelligence

This public statement, signed by 52 internationally known scholars, was active on the information highway early in 1995 following several rather heated and negative responses to Herrnstein & Murray's The Bell Curve. It was first published in The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, December 13, 1994. An alphabetical listing of the scholars and their home institutions are given at the end of the statement.