This call, signed by 100 researchers from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, medicine, physics and other disciplines, was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Neuroscience Research in January 2014.

In our article, we briefly describe neurological studies of emotions in the brain and, basing on findings from several disciplines, outline a psychological concept of higher emotions which could become a part of a future integrative theory. We also list recommendations for research and practice.

Masová reklama

Abstract: In the last 20 years, advertising has become a mass phenomenon influencing the whole society. A complete explanation of its mechanism and effects, however, is not found in marketing textbooks.

Human rights

In this article, we present several outlooks on the definition of human rights and describe different basic conceptions of human rights. We also deal with their normative nature and the basic questions of interpretation.

Justice is blind

In this article, we point out the importance of procedural justice in the process of construction of social policy. The principle of procedural justice in its pure form is described by Rawls (1995), who is referring to Brian Barry. We distinguish perfect and imperfect procedural justice.

Three types of wine

There are three basic principles upon which modern social security systems are built upon: the principle of merit, the principle of equality and the principle of need. The Slovak social security system is separated into three main subsystems, each of which is for the most part based on one of these three principles.

housing access

In this article, we will explore to what extent the social state and its instruments (mainly in the Slovak social security system) influences the reproductive behavior of people in the context of their socio-economic status. We will base this comparison on rational choice theory and theory of consumer behavior.

Roma poverty; traditional dwelling

Abstract: In this article, we analyze the phenomenon of intergenerational transfer of poverty and welfare. We try to identify and describe the influences causing it. We also bilance the attempts at reducing the problem of poverty.

labor force

In this article, we deal with the question to what extent the Slovak population is compatible with the work market and also what this compatibility will look like in the future. We explore this issue in global context, and thus try to predict the future development.

immigrants in Lampedusa

Since an effective pro-natality policy is considered too expensive, immigration is often put forward as a possible solution or co-solution of the unfavorable regressive structural development of the population (e. g. Vašečka, 2009; Vaňo et al., 2002).