• A Call for an Open, Informed Study of all Aspects of Consciousness

    This call, signed by 100 researchers from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, medicine, physics and other disciplines, was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Neuroscience Research in January 2014.

  • Higher Emotions: A Neurological and Psychological View (Excerpt)

    In our article, we briefly describe neurological studies of emotions in the brain and, basing on findings from several disciplines, outline a psychological concept of higher emotions which could become a part of a future integrative theory. We also list recommendations for research and practice.

  • Societal Effects of Mass Advertising (Excerpt)

    Masová reklama

    Abstract: In the last 20 years, advertising has become a mass phenomenon influencing the whole society. A complete explanation of its mechanism and effects, however, is not found in marketing textbooks.

  • Genes Don't Just Influence Your IQ—They Determine How Well You Do in School

    Dieťa na základnej škole

    If you sailed through school with high grades and perfect test scores, you probably did it with traits beyond sheer smarts. A new study of more than 6000 pairs of twins finds that academic achievement is influenced by genes affecting motivation, personality, confidence, and dozens of other traits, in addition to those that shape intelligence.

  • Intergenerational Transfer of Poverty and Welfare – Causes and Consequences (Excerpt)

    Roma poverty; traditional dwelling

    Abstract: In this article, we analyze the phenomenon of intergenerational transfer of poverty and welfare. We try to identify and describe the influences causing it. We also bilance the attempts at reducing the problem of poverty.

  • Mainstream Science on Intelligence

    brain and intelligence

    This public statement, signed by 52 internationally known scholars, was active on the information highway early in 1995 following several rather heated and negative responses to Herrnstein & Murray's The Bell Curve. It was first published in The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, December 13, 1994. An alphabetical listing of the scholars and their home institutions are given at the end of the statement.