About Us

Today’s world is facing a complex tangle of problems escalating in negative phenomena such as wars, social injustice, damage to natural environment, weakening of national identities and breakdown of value systems.

The vast majority of public discussion – often also among experts – is dealing with the description of specific symptoms and trying to address the most pressing of them.

But causes rooted deeper underlie the major troubles of our era. They are present already when the problem is formulated, in the basic assumptions behind thinking, in which things are considered “self-evident”. These assumptions usually fail to fully take into account the key concepts and causal interactions between them.

Making a few cosmetic changes is insufficient to solve these problems; and so is shifting away attention. We need to systematically inquire into the roots and gradually form and take a qualitatively different set of attitudes. In short, we need to change our paradigmatic view.

The main idea systems deforming our world are: global capitalism with an undue emphasis on profit, consumerist culture, utopic multiculturalism, a misinterpreted conception of human rights, over-technologization of our daily life and one-sided scientific materialism.

All these paradigms contain an important part of truth, but are in a crucial sense incomplete – which is the source of the above mentioned problems.

The Institute for Paradigmatic Reforms, in short IPPR, is a supra-ideological civic organization founded to analyze and evaluate the prospective potentials of various paradigms. IPPR will also introduce its own conceptions in the area of paradigmatic reforms.

Our long-term goal is to create a consistent, integrated worldview which will form a scholarly and scientifically based alternative providing concrete options for direct application into practice.

We want to provide a most open polemic, but with an emphasis on politeness and expertise.

You are heartily invited to evaluate and support our work and activities.