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We are open to original submissions pertaining to topics of interest to IPPR. If you are interested in publishing on IPPR, you can e-mail us at d.jurasek (at)

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PhDr. Jozef Jurík, PhD.
chairman of IPPR
j.jurik (at)
+421 902 532 172

JUDr. Dalibor Jurášek
vice-chairman of IPPR
d.jurasek (at)
+421 907 596 735

The Institute for Paradigmatic Reforms, in short IPPR, is a supra-ideological civic organization founded to analyze and evaluate the prospective potentials of various paradigms. IPPR will also introduce its own conceptions in the area of paradigmatic reforms.

Our long-term goal is to create a consistent, integrated worldview which will form a scholarly and scientifically based alternative providing concrete options for direct application into practice.

We want to provide a most open polemic, but with an emphasis on politeness and expertise.

You are heartily invited to evaluate and support our work and activities.